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Charlotte's Web is only the beginning

Now that the legal hurdles for Charlotte's Web - a low THC, high CBD strain of medicinal marijuana - have been overcome, Florida is getting ready to join the other enlightened states that recognize the benefits available to those suffering from medical hardships.

While Charlotte's Web addresses a select group of people in need, it is likely that there will be an expansion in the near future to extend compassionate medicinal marijuana to other patients in need.

Beware those that attempt to sell you an empty bag of goods! It's expected that Florida will see more and more scammers attempting to sell franchises, grow facilities, processing facilities and real estate to the unsuspecting dupe. Don't get scammed. Consult with a licensed Florida attorney before entering into any agreements in this new industry. While there may be lots of green to be made with the right investment, failing to take the steps necessary to protect you and your money will have you seeing red.

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