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Home buying, health care and end-of-life planning: Now is the time.

Are you buying a new home? Have you recently bought one? The purchase of real property is always a significant transaction. You are spending a sizable amount of money or entering into a contract for a sizable amount of debt. While you have given much thought to what you are going to do with the property – new paint, new furniture, put in a pool, perhaps – it's likely you haven’t given a second’s thought on what will happen should you experience a life-changing health event or worse. Well, why haven’t you? The purchase of real property is the perfect time to review your end-of-life and health care desires and needs. If you haven’t taken step one in managing these affairs, or it's been many years since you last thought about it, there’s no better time.

Sure, thinking about those possibilities is rarely fun. Better to just leave the problems to your loved ones, right? Well, why would you want to give up the control you have on your health care or estate? Do you really think that whoever is in charge with making your health care-related choices, should you become incapacitated, will follow your desires? Did you ever relay your desires to that person? Does he or she even remember the conversation? Will that investment property be given to that niece of yours that you always thought was the smart one in the family? How do you know if you don’t specify how to distribute your estate in a Last Will & Testament?

Obviously, there a lot of questions that you need to consider; isn’t it better to consider them well before such events occur? Taking the time now to get these affairs in order will save your loved ones from unnecessary emotional strain later on.

There are 4 items that should be considered right from the start:

  • Last Will & Testament - take control over your estate and make sure the right people are getting the right assets upon your demise;

  • Declaration of Living Will - protect your health care wishes should you become incapacitated or be diagnosed with a terminal condition or an end-stage condition, or you are in a permanent vegetative state;

  • Power of Attorney - protect the management of your finances by granting someone you trust the authority to handle your financial matters; and,

  • Designation of Health Care Surrogate - control who will be authorized to receive information on your medical status and make the important medical decisions. Having some or all of these items properly executed is a gift you can give your loved ones now, before it's too late.

These items don’t have to cost a fortune. Law Office of Sam Gonas, P.A. offers a package deal at an affordable price so your peace of mind will be covered. Call today, (305) 692-0799, or email us at

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