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You don't have to be rock star!

You don't have to be a rock star to have a Last Will & Testament.

We now know that the rock star Prince died without a will. With an estate allegedly exceeding $500 million in assets and with multiple siblings and half-siblings it would certainly would have made good sense to have a will in place to be able to control the distribution of his estate instead of leaving it up to state law and likely extended litigation.

What? You aren't worth a half a billion dollars? It doesn't matter if you are an otherworldly rock genius or a regular Joe living a regular life, being in control of your estate is priceless. Making assumptions, when you do not have a will, that the people you love will receive what you wanted them to receive often leads to bad vibes with those surviving you. You CAN be rock star by helping your loved ones, charitable organizations, and anyone else you care about by having a will in place to avoid probate and ensure your final wishes will be honored.

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